Malaysia Horse Racing Tips for Beginners


Malaysian bettors love online betting. Favourite betting is a good way for bettors, as it allows them to place safe bets while minimizing their chance of losing. However, there are some drawbacks to sticking with favourites. Because the odds of a favourite winning are slim, bettors need to stake high to get successful Singapore pools SG sports results and profit.

You don’t have to bet big to make a profit betting on the underdog. Rich Strike has shown that it is essential to avoid underdogs. This is especially true since everyone who placed a bet on him was likely to win big. Rich Strike’s odds of winning were 81.00 at Malaysian sportsbooks. A $2 bet would result in $162 in winnings. What if the bet was $20? It will result in $1,620 in winnings. Imagine if Rich Strike was more popular.

It can make money if you are lucky enough to bet on underdogs. It is not a good idea to place multiple high bets against underdogs as it can lead to large losses. Nevertheless, it is okay to place occasional bets, as winning them can offset any losses from previous ones.

Horses that are in good form and in great shape can often win a lot of races. A horse is an LTOW if it is the last winner of its race. It is likely to be in top form and in good enough shape to win two or more races in the next few races. When looking for horses to wager on, it is a good idea to look for LTOWs.

The Kentucky Derby winner, Mine That Bird, was one horse who won with long odds but never won another race. Imagine Mine That Bird winning the Kentucky Derby. He will now be racing for the Preakness. You can bet on Mine That Bird to place or show. He finished second in the Kentucky Derby.

Additionally, jockeys usually race in their favourite spots. Combinations of jockeys-trainers are often used to compete in specific races. This allows trainers to pair the best jockeys and best horses. Jockeys also do well at all racetracks, as they are more suited to particular courses. Each course is different, so checking the jockeys’ records at specific racetracks is worth checking.


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Malaysia Horse Racing Tips for Beginners