Soccer betting and the rise of manialiga

 Soccer betting and the rise of manialiga

When it comes to sports betting, finding a reputed agency can be quite hard. There are so many of them for a start. And you can’t just go pay money to some nobody. There’s too much risk involved. This article will give you some tips on how to choose the best soccer betting agency and how can help you overcome your betting woes.

How to pick the right agency:

Football is an incredibly popular sport that is played in every corner of the world. Football betting is an extremely lucrative market that promises exciting rewards. However it is also very easy to come across phony or average agencies, so here are some tips to help you out:

  • See if it has a live betting option. Most websites offer you to place bets before the match. However, some websites and agencies allow for dynamic betting. This means that you can alter the bet as the match progresses. Of course, your final winnings will vary but it gives you chances of winning at least a little bit of money. Y it’s advisable to move for agencies that offer the option of live betting.
  • A good agency normally offers exciting offers to players. This can be sign-up bonuses, monthly rewards, weekend bonuses, bonuses for big matches such as a world cup final, and so on. This keeps the community engaged and encourages them to continue placing bets.
  • Check if the agency operates in your region. A lot of agencies operate in only specific regions or use only specific currencies. Choosing an agency in your region makes it far easier to communicate and process transactions after matches.
  • Check the reviews. Ask around people who have used the agency in the past. Do enough research to ensure that the whole thing isn’t a scam. If not you’re just wasting both time and money.


Manialiga is one such betting agency that is highly reputed. It specializes in football betting in Indonesia. It also allows for betting in other areas such as casino slots. You only need one id to start placing your bets. It offers a 5% sportsbook cashback bonus. Besides, there is also a discount of 66% on the lottery and a casino roll bonus of 0.8%. There are also other enticing bonuses on offer. When you register on the website, you need to deposit around 25,000 to be eligible to receive these bonuses.

Another major advantage is that the agency is online 24×7 so you can rest assured that customer support will always be on standby to answer your queries.  Not to mention that you can deposit and withdraw funds at any time. All you have to do is submit some type of proof of your trying to withdraw or deposit funds. The agency will immediately perform the transaction for you in a hassle-free manner. Other sites may not be online 24×7 and thus you might have to wait long hours to make transactions which can get quite irritating especially if you’re the type of person who is quite busy. It is estimated that the transaction time is no longer than three minutes which is very fast. Manialiga also provides six different banks for you to manage your cash. E-cash services are also available to use by the user. The agency is also 100% secure and reliable. It is used by millions of Indonesians so you don’t have to worry about its trustworthiness.

While it is primarily aimed at being a football betting agency the other opportunities to make cash on the website such as the virtual casino are also highly appealing. There are many different games and slot machines each with their own different rules and regulations. When playing on the website one must ensure to maintain transparency and avoid cheating or the use of third party software. This ensures a fair playing experience for all the years. If caught using a third-party software, you will be banned from the website instantly.

Overall, sports betting and particularly football betting is a very fast-growing industry. There’s a lot of money involved and if you are strapped for cash, betting can be an outlet.

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