– The best card game on iOS should be experienced – The best card game on iOS should be experienced

Card games on iOS are super products that many gamers approach. These are considered as magic card games with strange attractions. To help you learn these exciting games, we have experienced many games and selected the best games. Today’s article will share information about the most attractive card game on iOS for you. Hopefully our article will help you to easily access the card games.

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Legends Card game 

This game can be played on PC, iOS, and Android. Unlike other games, there is only 1 lane. Card game Legends you have to play 2 parallel lanes together in 2 separate battlefields. Each lane has a different attack and control style. We can’t kick the other way. It is this difference that has helped to become the most popular card game on iOS.

Heavenstrike Rivals – A Monster Tactical TCG

Currently this card game is only available on the iOS operating system. An action role-playing game and collecting cards. Players will have to work hard to gather an army with 200 refined characters for themselves. From here, the battle will be fought to regain the kingdom. You can also level up your character to make them even stronger.

The Reigns Card game

Currently this card game is available on PC, iOS, and Android. Do you like to be king, control your army and strategize with your enemies? You will become a medieval buyer with the power to control your entire kingdom. All you need to do is answer correctly every question the servant will ask you. Your choice and answer will be the direction of your kingdom and turn you into a warrior or king.

You must always have a balance of 4 factors: Religion, People, Army and Finance. Too rich or too poor, or for one of the above 4 factors to be different, you will either be in position or become a playful king. This drama is where Reigns was voted as the best iOS card game of all time.

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Hearthstone is a card game that is currently raging on iOS and PC, Android. You can play for free to collect cards or use money to collect cards. Of course with real money, the process of collecting cards will be faster than playing for free. The first 6 months of release Hearthstone has reached over 20 million separate accounts. It can be said that this is the most popular card game on iOS. Recognized as a super product of attractive card games that every publisher wants.


Card games on iOS are still many publishers with dozens of other attractive games. We will continue to update in the following articles. We hope you always have fun with the card game genre.

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