Tips for Esports Betting

 Tips for Esports Betting

The latest craze has found itself within the growing fascination of esports as many fans of traditional sporting have slowly started to make the transition to the virtual landscape, as more familiarity is offered through titles that are more closely related with traditional sporting and further options like betting found at for example, that continue to help the scene grow. But there’s a lot to follow, a huge number of games, and a lot of content – so if you’re looking at exploring esports betting, what are the best tips to get you started?

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Finding your game of focus – There are a huge number of titles available out there, from the big three names in Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and DotA2, right down to the more niche games that are growing in FIFA and the NBA – with matches being played daily across the world and a growing scene, it can be difficult to keep track of everything all at once, so it’s much better to pick a game and a region to focus on and build from there. You can always expand your selection later on but starting off small will be key with such a huge number of titles available.

Use the stats – With over a decade worth of player stats and results available, much like traditional sporting there is a huge wealth of information out there to help you make informed decisions. Depending on the game you choose, some players have been around since the modern inception of esports a decade ago, and much longer, so there are a lot of statistics out there that will make betting much easier. With a wide range of markets to choose from too, these stats become that much more important too as it helps decision making on an individual game by game basis.

Take part yourself – Many of the bigger games are free to play with little requirement to jump into game yourself, and the best way to learn the nuances of the game you’re following is to get involved yourself. It’s tough to really understand everything that’s going on in game without first-hand experience, and given you have the option to jump in to play whenever you’d like to opportunity is certainly there, and whilst racking up the hours yourself you may even find that you gain a new passion to follow and get involved in the esports scene by playing yourself in a smaller and more community driven space!

Paul Petersen