Sports Venture Funds Flow haven and Phoenix Labs

 Sports Venture Funds Flow haven and Phoenix Labs

The underlying thesis of Sports Venture UFABET is that the greatest innovations in sport will be created through strategic collaborations among its Founding Partners. These partnerships will cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from player performance, media rights, and data optimization, to the future of retail and youth sports. The Studio will provide access to subject matter experts and founders who have been breaking ground in new areas of focus. This is not a venture capital fund, however.


Flowhaven has added new positions to continue its growth. In its first quarter of 2021, the company doubled its headcount and acquired new customers across new verticals. It also raised $16 million in new funding from Sapphire Sport. Flowhaven doubled its team in Los Angeles, London, and Helsinki. It also plans to expand to New York, Berlin, and Tokyo. In the coming year, the company is expanding into other countries to meet the increasing demand.

The software, which is built on Salesforce, automates the entire brand licensing workflow process from content distribution to design approvals to royalty reporting. Flowhaven enables any brand to manage licensing partnerships with ease. The platform prevents communication gaps and ensures that every aspect of the licensing process is transparent. This way, companies can see who is paying what and when. In addition to saving time, Flowhaven is also helping businesses save money.


The new funding round comes as the company prepares to scale up its live streaming service. Its investors include Go4itCapital, Sapphire Sport and Carsten Thoma, and will continue to be involved in its operations as the company launches its ELEVEN group, which will celebrate user-generated content and give access to hundreds of thousands of additional hours of live sports from around the world. The company also plans to develop MyCujooLive Services into a leading B2B solution for streamers of every scale.

MyCujoo is an online platform for football that was launched in 2015. The site lets federations, leagues, clubs and players showcase their games live. In 2019, it streamed more than 22,000 live football matches, and had 26 million unique users. The company plans to continue expanding its platform into other verticals, including digital advertising, sponsorship and video content. In addition to video content, it also allows for user-generated content to be distributed through MyCujoo.

Phoenix Labs

In addition to acquiring the renowned NBA video game franchise, Phoenix Labs is also involved in digital entertainment. The company recently acquired Singapore-based digital game company Garena, which now has more than 25 million users. The company’s goal is to develop a AAA game with the best gaming experience. The team has a large number of prototypes in the works, but has yet to announce any specific details about its new IP.

The team behind Phoenix Labs is comprised of industry veterans with extensive gaming experience. They’ve created a game that will revolutionize online cooperative action games. The game is built on a living, breathing world that players will be able to explore and customize in ways that no other cooperative gaming experience can. Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless is one of its most popular titles, with over 25 million players worldwide.

Paul Petersen