Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History

Betting, whether for casino games or sports, attracts many patrons due to its entertaining nature. But aside from the entertainment it brings, betting is also considered fun for its participants as it offers the possibility of winning additional money. Some even have won massive amounts of money and decided to make a career out of betting. 

There are many ways how one can win in betting. Gamblers may seek advice, such as Malaysia horse racing tips, from advisors or read and view materials to better understand the game. Others take their time to create strategies and guidebooks to use to their advantage. But some bettors did not need any of these but have won enormous prizes by simply being lucky. And parlay is a form of betting that primarily relies on luck.

Parlay bets can be one of the riskiest but most rewarding bets you can make. It has many terminologies, such as multis and accumulators. Its name would depend on the region or sportsbook. But even with the different terms, the rules and premise of parlay remain the same. 

A bettor must place multiple wagers and tie them into one for the bet to be considered parlay. This is done by rolling each winning wager into the next leg. While it can be risky, the rules are straightforward and can be understood easily, even by first-timers. Each parlay leg must win for it to be deemed a winner. Contrarily, if one parlay loses, the whole parlay also loses. 

Steve Whiteley and Fred Craggs are some of the most notable and biggest parlay betting winners. BetMGM Bettor and an anonymous bettor were also among them. If you want to know more about parlay betting and how you can win, this infographic from CM2BET will tell you more about their winnings and how much they earned.

Biggest Parlay Bet Wins in History

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