Analyzing A Bet: Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

 Analyzing A Bet: Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most common problems for people starting in the betting world is a wrong or poor analysis of a bet, based on unfounded news, rumors or irrelevant statistics.

If you want to look into betting offers on your own without relying on anyone’s opinion, there must be a previous study on your part, both of the competition and of the specific match in which you are going to get involved, and above all, to know the sport.

Mistakes To Avoid In Betting

A very common mistake when analyzing is to rely solely on statistics. Statistics can be an important basis in staking a bet, but it is a mistake to extrapolate this to the rest of competitions and think that statistics are worth everything.

A very clear example of this is the NBA, where there are teams that from one season to another are not alike at all, or even that within the same season, a change of coach or a movement of players completely change the style of the team, and any previous statistic is of little use.

Analyze The Bet

To analyze, for example, a football match, the first thing to analyze is the competition in question, the situation of both teams, study the relevance of the match for the two teams, how important the field factor can be, injured and penalized, possible initial chances, how the game of one team conforms to that of the other, breaking news, etc.

A Previous Study Of The Bet

With the previous study already done, we have to wait 24/48 hours before the game where we will have to look for information in the national sports press and always try to find one or two local newspapers where we can read more clearly, the news regarding each team.

In addition to the obligatory visit to the national and local press, it is usually recommended also to visit a fan forum of the teams in question (many times, the last-minute leaks arrive much earlier in the forums than in the press).

Doing this can save us from more than one failed bet because although we have the feeling that it can come out, once we see pros and cons, we can more clearly assess the risks of the bet.