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There is nothing better than a live online casino, at least I think so anyway and so do many others. The Global Live Casino is my favorite establishment of this kind, as it is for a ton of other people. It is the largest web based casino with 10,000's of regular members that go there every day to enjoy the high intensity action they provide.

The Global Live Casino pays out millions in winnings each and every day to their highly devoted and completely faithful members. Why do the pay out so much more than all the other casinos? I really do not know the answer to that question, but I do have a few theories.

What I think is that when they first started they wanted to become very large, very quickly. So to accomplish this they made their games very loose and awfully easy to win money at. After this happened and they saw how fast they were growing and they just continued this outstanding strategy. After all, what do gamblers want more than anything, to win a great deal of money of course?

If you are winning at a casino, are you ever going to leave the place and tryout someplace else? That is never going to happen, you know that. When you are not doing anything, why don't you head over to the 888 Casino website and find out everything else they have to offer for yourself?