In order to gain the maximum bite out of the online casinos and gaming industry, some websites and casinos themselves have offered prepaid cards. These prepaid cards are like credit cards, EXCEPT that prepaid cards are totally in control of the player and don't have much interest or NO interest amount on them to be paid off.

Prepaid cards look like credit cards and work like credit cards too because the player has to enter the number on the prepaid card in the online casinos to transfer the funds. Some prepaid cards have the option of withdrawal too and work on ATM machines, but the player needs to make sure if they are affiliated with the bank through a reliable 3rd party or not.

Credit cards have chances of getting rejected because online casinos check your recent credit history and even if your credit card is accepted, it would incur huge amount of debt too. The biggest advantage of prepaid online casino card is that it is totally in control of the player and player doesn't have to worry about anything. Whichever amount needs to be processed, the player just has to deposit equivalent amount of money in the prepaid card and that's all it requires.

You can purchase prepaid online casino cards according to your purchasing power and capability. Prepaid cards also help you in wearing off sweet temptations of placing further bets because once the funds are consumed, there is not a single chance of using the same prepaid card again. Claim the 888 Casino bonus the next time you use a prepaid card.

Spend smart, play safe.