Online Craps Odds

Online casino games are all the rage these days and are enjoyed by players of all ages from nearly everywhere in the world. Online craps is one of the most popular games and understanding the odds can help players earn more money in the long run.

Craps Skill

The first thing that players must understand about Online Craps is that it is not just a game of luck. In fact, although players cannot control the outcome of the dice, they can control the bets they place as long as they are aware of the odds. This way, they can practice the different betting strategies that are available to them in free game rooms before moving on to play for real money. Craps is absolutely a game that requires some amount of skill, and without it, players cannot expect to succeed.

The Odds

In order to know which bets to place in order to come out ahead, players must first understand the odds. This is nothing more than the probability that a certain wager will win. The bets and payout scale is generally marked somewhere near the table, and players can assume that the higher the payout is for a certain outcome, the lesser the odds of actually getting that outcome. For instance, a payout for triples may be 160 to one, but the odds of getting that payout are less than half of 1%.

The Best Craps Odds

Players who are interested in getting the best odds available in craps should always remember the large and small bets. These are considered even bets and provide players with the best chance of winning. A small bet simply states that the player will roll a sum between four and 10 with the exception of seven; a large bet states that a player will roll a sum between 11 and 17 with the exception of 12. Players must also factor in the house edge when determining the best odds in craps.

Players who want to do well in online craps at online casinos like 888 Casino should first understand the rules of the game and then study the odds. This way, they will know what types of bets to place in order to maintain a positive outcome.