In the world of online casinos, players need something to allay their fear of theft and online fraud in money. And as a matter of fact these fears are not just based on anything mythical because there has been a lot of fraud and hacking cases in 1992 when online casinos started.

Players would make deposits and place bets and in a couple of hours or days, their money would be gone. All stone and the point is that casinos were not to be blamed that much because someone else would steal their money from them.

With new technologies and security measures, casinos have introduced multiple secure options. They are now using a 'Two Fold' security system which involves a high tech server capable of keeping logs of each financial activity and who has accessed the server itself for how long.

Most senior members of online casinos, which includes 888 Casino Canada, have the password and even this password is changed every few days to maximize the security. Each credit card payment, each withdrawal, each deposit, each access activity goes through the server and is stored in appropriate file sections.

Furthermore the server has server hard disks, and all of them are for backups. So to call one particular hard disk as primary hard disk would be totally wrong. When a player sends a request for processing money to his back account or any other withdrawal or deposit occurs, the information is sent in a coded form to the server so that the server is only capable of interpreting and completing it. This is implied so even if someone hacks and gets a piece of this valuable information would have no use of it.